Catholic Syrian Bank moving to a more stable and sustainable earnings base:

Catholic Syrian Bank — one of the oldest private sector banks in the country — has not fully lived up to its heritage and exploited the business opportunities that were available even as newer entrants have marched past and left it behind during the past decade. There has been churn at the top and a new chief executive at the helm every few years has affected the bank’s plans to an extent. The current incumbent CVR Rajendran, who has been in office during the last year, has focussed on cleaning up the balance sheet and putting in place a new structure to place the bank in a different growth trajectory. The bank is placing emphasis on doing business through “clearly defined verticals and clearly defined roles”,

he said in an interaction with BusinessLine. Excerpts:

The bank seemed to have done well last fiscal when it made a profit after posting a huge loss in FY16. But appears to have slid again, reporting some losses in H1 of this fiscal. Why?

The net profit of ₹1.55 crore of FY17 was driven by treasury profit of ₹196 crore. It may be noted that if we exclude the treasury profit (which was due to the favourable yield movements in FY17), there was an operating loss of ₹44 crore. But if you analyse H1 figures, we have made ₹43 crore of operating profit, of which, the contribution of treasury was only ₹2 crore. Thus, now we are fast moving to a more stable and sustainable earnings base.

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