Galaxy Surfactants: Taking risk for success

Risk is associated with growth. The greater the risk, the bigger the chance of growth. Taking risk is thus not only a business strategy but can also be a life-changing experience. Take the case of the founders of Galaxy Surfactants that is a leading manufacturer of surfactants and specialty chemicals which are used as intermediate raw materials by marquee brands.

The story of how Galaxy Surfactants came into being goes all the way back to 1979, when G. Ramakrishnan or Geera, wrote a letter addressed to his four friends on Valentine’s Day. The letter harked about a vision of growth and prosperity and set out a way to achieve that “definite goal”. The letter was so convincing that all five (including Geera) quit their high paying jobs and plunged headlong into the business. And they never had to regret that momentous decision.

Five friends shocked their families and friends by chucking their high paying jobs even before they could zero in on a business plan.  This move largely influenced by Alexander the Great was to ensure that they did not have an exit options. Success was their only option and they used that option to the hilt.

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