Financial Advisory

Sarffin offers customized advisory solutions on business structure, mergers & acquisitions, divestments and fund raising 


At Sarffin, we aim to create significant value for entrepreneurs and companies by helping them execute the optimal Financial Strategy. Our team strives to provide a single service platform to the customers, while coordinating with the various markets intermediaries such as Stock Exchanges, Merchant Bankers, Legal Advisors, Brokers, Registrars, Regulators and Depositories etc. We examine and recommends the various options for financing growth for the business, and in the process, works out an Optimal Financing Structure which is most appropriate for the risk profile of the particular business identity.


Please look into our focus areas and related services offerings.

•  Private Equity Advisory
•  Project Advisory
•  Equity Valuation
•  Debt Restructuring
•  Dilution of Equity
•  Merger & Acquisition
•  Divestments/Strategic Sale
•  Assistance in project report and other related documents
•  Assistance in techno-economic feasibility report
•  Reviewing business plan and Information Memorandum
•  Preparation of company profiles & pitch books
•  Identifying potential investors and negotiating terms
•  Developing strategic alliances and joint ventures
•  Reviewing transaction structure and service agreements
•  Facilitating mergers, acquisitions and divestment
•  Assistance in due diligence