Capital Raising


Flexible financing solutions for every stage of the business growth cycle


Our services have emerged as a result of the widening gap between businesses needing financial assistance and qualified lenders.

Our team focuses on understanding the financial needs of your business and assures an enduring solution to enhance the growth parameters with best suited investors/lenders. We have the capability to work with both first generation as well as established entrepreneurs  across different stages of a company’s evolution and across different sector/industry.

We share a strong and durable relationship with Banks & Financial Institutions, Private Equity Investors in India and abroad and in combination with their past experiences, we can offer the most optimal financing solutions to our clients, enabling them to focus consistently on improving the bottom line of their business.

We help MSME and SMEs to capitalize on growth opportunities and remain focused to their business objectives while we cater to the financing needs. Our team intends to develop a financing solution that is customized according to the various business parameters like financial health & stability, business model, growth drivers, security, etc.

Our engagement model strives to work alongside the promoters to assist them build infrastructure, modernize current capacities, expansion of existing projects and diversify to new ventures. We advise our clients on arranging fresh debt funds, enhancement of current limits and various refinancing options to minimize the interest costs burden and promote growth.

Our lenders include a consortium of banks (PSU, Private and Foreign) and other financial institutions (both onshore and offshore).

We work with your management team to execute goals, nurture business and enhance shareholder value.

Equity funding is advisable for companies with innovative business concept that look for growth partners and are reluctant to burden their balance sheets with high interest costs, right from the initial stage. Equity funding not only benefits them with longer term support but also with professional management, governance and guidance to achieve preset targets and enhance their business further to global standards.

At Sarffin, we offer customized equity funding solutions that are designed to help our clients raise equity throughout the various stages of its growth cycle. We help both early stage as well as established entrepreneurs to raise equity capital for their dream projects/ventures and capitalize on growth objectives. We engage ourselves to understand the intricacies of our client’s business rational, growth drivers and product potential and help them identifying and short listing the right investor, be it strategic or financial, for them. Moreover, our in-house research support helps the client to stay ahead with a deep insight on comparable and industry performances.

We assist at every stage of the transaction, i.e. from project analysis, preparation of related documents for investors pitch, deal arrangement to structuring, negotiation and finalization.